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5 Greatest Places To Go Hiking Near Seattle

You don't need to scale Mount Rainier for your hiking fix. Seattle controls a range of wild refugees found in proximity and these can be improved through the year. Scenic views, waterfalls - yep you can locate them all.

These spots are suited families and dogs and perfectly within half an hour from Seattle.

1. Cedar River Trail

Situated at Renton Maple Valley this hike covers 34 miles. You stroll can run or hike on this bus accessible and tree-lined road, which has many access points connecting Maple Valley into Lake Washington.

Once a railroad this course is ideal for extended hikes, family outings or workout runs to burn off the pounds.

2. Evans Creek Preserves

A city - this is an acre old farmstead situated off Redmond Fall City Road. The trail for approximately 2 miles with loops. Hikers on these paths will get the opportunity to pass such as sighting a number of the local habitats. The road is excellent for families or people walking their dogs.

Birdwatchers will get a lot of activities from the wetlands run being able to cross over two small Bridges along with an impressive long boardwalk as well as any of those four canopies.

3. Soaring Eagle Regional Park

Located on the Issaquah Alps - King County Parks, this increase covers 12 miles and can't be easily accessed by public transportation. Trails run through 500 acres of wetland and forest and are perfectly suited for families hikers and trail runners. The flat pipeline trail is the perfect spot if you aren't certain where to begin.

As the park is home to deer, bird species and the bear, Should you feel like exploring, head off to the track but keeping your eyes open for wildlife.

4. Poo-Poo Point

Situated on the Issaquah Alps- Tiger Mountain, this increase covers a total of 7.4 miles and also be easily accessed by public transportation although you'll need a mile to walk. A local popular hiking trail that offers stunning views of Mount Rainier and Lake Sammamish.

The hike is fairly enough to provide a workout to one's legs. You can go back across the seasons and watch the change that is foliage. Ideal for dogs and families.

5. Wildside Path - De Leo Wall

Located on the Issaquah Alps - Cougar Mountain, this hike offers views of waterfalls, Mount Rainier plus some artifacts. The extensive that runs through Cougar Mountain makes this area an excellent option for hiking enthusiasts.

This increase is easily accessed by public transportation with a mile to walk.

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