The Beautiful Museums Of Alexandria

Serving as the capital of Egypt and an important cultural and commercial hub for centuries, Alexandria, situated to the North of Cairo, overlooking the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, is a town that possesses its own unique magical!

Launched from the 4th century BC by Alexander the Great during his trip towards the Temple of the Oracle of Amun at Siwa, Alexandria has much to offer to travelers arriving from various areas across the globe to spend a holiday in Egypt.

A nation that hosts a number of museums, in Egypt, Alexandria, with its varied background, has some museums displaying different phases of various characteristics of Alexandria's lifetime and their history of the town.

We'd be pointing out a few of the museums in Alexandria we advocate for tourists that go to see and research through their vacations These days.

The Greco Roman Museum

The Greco Roman Museum is the most intriguing museum in Alexandria. Launched throughout the period and thrived under the Romans' rule, the Greco Roman period seen Alexandria's most days. The museum hosts a screen demonstrating this period that is remarkable until the beginning of the era and because of the city's constitution. Even the Greco Roman Museum is included in tours.

Even though the museum has been closed for several decades, the Greco Roman Museum's manager claimed that it could be reopened. I could have a trip to the museum scheduled because of its importance that is prominent.

The Greco Roman Museum was opened among the earliest in Egypt in October 1892. But, through the reign of Khedive Abbas Helmi II, the museums have been moved because of the high number of displays and exhibits. With 11 halls and 27 exhibition galleries, the attention is grabbed by the Greco Roman Museum with tourists that go to Egypt.

The Museum of the New Library of Alexandria

The notions of launching when a bunch of bits was discovered at the place were the library of Alexandria, the Museum of Antiquities at the Library of Alexandria arose was set. This tradition welcomes travelers coming to enjoy their holidays Now.

The memorial was opened in October 2002. The screens were selected to reflect the diversity of Alexandria's background including screens in the Pharaonic, Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Islamic, and periods. There's also a selection of antiquities which has been found in the vicinity of Alexandria. A trip to the museum is very for almost any travelers spending his holidays who are fond of artwork and history.

The National Museum of Alexandria

Alexandria's National Museum is among the most interesting in town. Launched through the period of the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak in 2003, the museum hosts about 1800 screens that tell the story of Alexandria's city before the revolution of 1952 and because of its establishment.

The museum welcomes countless tourists who visit Egypt every day.

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The Beautiful Museums Of Alexandria

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