The Hidden Treasures Of Marrakesh

Marrakesh is located to the West of Rabat, the capital of Morocco, 580 km to the South West of Tangier, and 196 kilometers to the South West of Casablanca around 327 km. Marrakesh has lots of impressive monuments and a long rich history. The Almoravid Dynasty established Marrakesh in 1070 AD to function as the capital of the kingdom and they made it an important commercial and cultural center.

Many travel packages to Morocco, which include a visit to Marrakesh concentrate on three or two monuments such as the Saudis Tombs the Koutobeya Mosque, and also the famed Game' El Fna Square. Though these places are absolutely impressive, there are.

The Ben Yusuf Madrassa

Built from the Marinid Dynasty in the middle of the 14th century, it had been actually renovated by the Saadi Dynasty in 1565; the Ben Yusuf Islamic schooling school is among the largest and most. Madrassa or the faculty is featured with its tiles' decorations.

It's considered among the best examples of such constructions in Morocco.

The Museum of Marrakesh

Marrakesh's Museum has a place situated near the Ibn Yusuf Madrassa and the Game' El Fna Square. This museum's construction itself is impressive. It was a palace that was built at the end of the 19th century before being transformed into a museum for the city in 1997.

For displaying a large selection of displays including traditional pottery, ancient coins, historical novels, contemporary art portraits, and many more interesting collections, the tradition of Marrakesh is featured. Many of the tourists that go to Morocco would occasionally like to visit with the country's various museums.

The Almoravid Dome

Almoravid assembled notable Islamic structures in the city. The ancient historic site in town now is, in fact, the Almoravid Dome. The structure was really established as a place for the worshipers that will pray from the Yusuf Mosque.

The Dome is located in the ceiling of a Sahn, open courtyard with 19 private places for ablution. The dome is 12 meters in height with a rectangle-shaped dome that's 7 meters in diameter and 12 meters in length. The dome is one of the most striking Almoravid monuments to be researched by travelers who spend their holidays in Morocco.

The Majorelle Gardens

The Majorelle Garden is among the most enjoyable places to see from all ages which travel to Morocco by tourists. First Established in 1924 by Jack Majorelle, famous artists who painted the buildings of this backyard with a distinctive shade of the blue color at a bold move that amazed the people of the city of this moment in 1937.

A significant milestone in the history of the Majorelle Garden was once Pierre Peggy, Yves Saint Laurent, the French designer, and author bought the garden and specified a part inside it. The garden is among the places in Marrakesh today. The buildings which surround the backyard became a museum for Islamic artwork. The garden is featured together with the rare types of plants and trees which were imported from every region in the world.

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